You are a business owner and your sales are dipping?

You need ideas for growth?

Your cash flow is a mess?

Unsure of how to market in the digital world?

Why do I need more than just a logo for my branding?

The Business Bootcamp KL is a 2.5days packed with no bullshit training, workshops and educational sessions, networking and lots of loving “kick in the butt” designed for business owners.

Get an intensive drill in the skills every business owner needs through the 5S;


Craft a strategy for your business using tools that is readily available.


Build an infra structure for your business to ensure scalability.


Set target and measure against industry benchmark.


Build a strong and reliable brand that exudes trust in your story.


Have a positive mindset that attracts results.

Equipped yourself with 4 major business skills by our academically trained trainers;

1. Building an international company

2. Cash Flow Stabiity. Digitalize Your Finances. Act. Think. Count Like A Boss

3. Digital Marketing Strategy. Making more profits with Database Marketing

4. Brand Design For Growing Business

Who Should Attend?

All business owners, new or experienced, looking to scale and to reinvigorate their competence and skills in areas crucial to their success.